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Visual trends around sustainability are becoming increasingly truthful and sophisticated. Communications are now informed by a more holistic approach, allowing brands to leverage their sustainability credentials in a more engaging and genuine way.

In this webinar our Creative Planning Managers, Pamela Grossman and Micha Schwing, outline the key visual trends used to communicate sustainability, the evolution of these trends and how leading brands are showcasing these trends in their campaigns.

Join us to find out how you can use the key sustainability visual trends to maximise the impact of your marketing communications.

Meet our presenters

Pamela is our Creative Planning Manager in North America. She has a degree in Cultural Anthropology from N.Y.U. and unique insight into how images work in the world today – along with the meaning and application of photographs, illustration and film in communications around the globe.
Date: Thursday 30 May
Time: 11 am EST, 4 pm GMT
Duration: 45 minutes

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Pamela Grossman

As our Creative Planning Manager for Europe, Micha explores trends and the changing meaning of imagery in advertising and the wider visual culture. Micha has degrees in ‘Photo-Design’ and ‘Advertising and Marketing Communication’ and recently finished her MA in Sociology at Goldsmiths College in London.
Micha Schwing
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